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TARC Attax. An article about setting up a TARC team to take advantage of tax laws. This article should be read by every team. Click on the link and it's the first item in the list of articles.

Check out our most recent publicity article, with sponsor links prominently promoted.

The team is registered, and is number 9140.
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Still team portrait and photos of the team at work with Rocksim.   Build session with a mid-power payloader. 11/20 stills of our team prepping and some other great rockets at Pueblo. 11/20 video of our first flight. 11/20 video of our second flight.

Rocksim work photos and photos of the team building our first design.

vic   1     2     compass   3   4  
Still photos of prep for our first flight of our design.   Video of our first flight. Altitude was astounding, egg broke because chute tacoed.     Flight 2. Chute did not come out of fincan. Altimeter power failure.     Rebuild day on 1-27. Rethinking our guidance system, egg and alitmeter packing, and parachute packing.   Flight 3. 2/12. Excellent altitude, but thick egg bay chute did not open. Applied baby powder.   Flight 4. 2/12. Again, an excelent altitude, but the shock cord failed, breaking our egg.
5   matt     6   george     7 8   9  
Flight 5. Windy conditions, with a slightly heavier launch weight resulted in a lower altitude. Chute still won't open. 2/12 Still photos. Flight 6. 3/1 early qualification attempt. Mixed bag of success, problems, solutions, and new data. Flight 7. 3/19 Fountain. Rocket was still below optimum mass. Flight score: 1. Flight 9. 3/19 We're in the optimized mass zone! Predictable altitudes loom.
3/1 Still photos. Flight 8. 3/19 Qualification flight with optimization of mass still to occur. Erratic score/altitude. Non-competitive score of 37.
10   11   tomas   12   13   14   box      

Flight 10. 3/19 Our best flight yet. Score: 6

  Flight 11. 3/19 We expand our mass and wind data curves.   3/19 photo stills.   Flight 12, 3/23. A good flight, we expand our database and refine our final mass. Short duration, but no thermals.   Flight 13, 3/23. Again, we get good numbers but our fincan crashes.   Flight 14, 3/23. We experience our first motor failure of the season. It's hard to see because of the auto camera focus, but the egg bay deploys 1.05 seconds after motor burnout.   3/23 Still photos. A gorgeous day with almost no wind and clear, brilliant blue skies.    
15   16   17   18   19   k-dude   20 21   22    
Flight 15. 3/26 We learn lots of new things with this flight. Then we regroup. Flight 16. 4/2/11 Crooked fin resulted in violent corkscrew under thrust.   Flight 17. 4/2/11 Still crooked. Tried more ballast.   Flight 18. 4/2/11 Tried less ballast.   Flight 19. 4/2/11 Rebuilt fincan, but marginal stability, not a straight flight.   4/2/11 Still photos.   Flight 20. 4/4/11 Last day for qualifying.   Flight 21. 4/4/11 We lose a fin.   Flight 22. 4/4/11 Official qualification attempt. Good enough to get us into finals. Score: 8

Post-qualification flights. Flight 23 4/21. All-new design, low altitude while fighting wind. Too much stability margin. No spin or corkscrew, though. Partial damage to piston shock cord mount (centering ring). Scary interaction between piston, fincan, and egg bay chute. Recovery time was 'way too long.
Flight 24 4/21. Complete destruction of shock cord mount results in whistling thud. Not enough altitude for finals. Time to rebuild.
Flight 25 5/5. All-new design with many improvements.
Flight 26 5/7. 2nd flight with primary finals rocket. Rocksim is great. After adjusting the ballast, we get a predictable altitude. We've solved our problems with shock cord mounting, have much better parachute separation between egg bay and fincan, and our recovery time is good.
Flight 27 5/7. A gust of wind off the rail knocks the rocket for an S-curve , wind gives us a good look at how much ballast we need to remove to get good altitude.
Flight 28 5/7. Except for the fact that we blew up our parachute bay, this was a good flight. We're learning a lot about possible failure modes with piston ejection.
Flight 29 5/7. We fly our backup rocket for the first time. It confirms everything we've learned about rocketry for the past 6 months.


Team photo with all members.
Flight 30 at a Secret Location near sea level. We discover that having a nearly perfect rocket that's completely dialed in, well-tested, and expertly prepped isn't good enough. The motor produces a sideways thrust vector and the rocket takes off in a pronounced S curve. Altitude is less than 90% of previous flights, so this is an official failed motor (outside of NAR tolerance).
Flight 31. Of the 15 motors we had at finals, this is the only one that was full power. Perfectly straight, this flight gave us a score of 7. Two motors like this would have won the competition the next day.
Flight 32. Another bad thrust vector with S curve. Another weak motor. Another disappointing altitude.
Flight 33. Same description as Flight 32. In addition, we determine the point of no return for reefing a hemispherical chute.

Flights 34 and 35 were launched without video. Raining too hard to bring out the camera.


Flight 36. 29mb, so it takes a little time to load. Video of our finals flight; three of our sponsors are named by the announcer. It looks good. No lurid S curves, a nice-looking straight up trajectory, but not a full-power motor; this motor was 9.1% down on power, which put us in 72nd position.

Season videos. These videos are set to movements of Moussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. Each video focuses on one particular aspect of the season. 1. The Vulcanite 2. Build Filmograph 3. Build Video 4. Great Flights 5. Prep Filmograph 6. Prep Video 7. Disastrous Flights 8. Practice 9. Finals 10. Sponsors


Cheyenne Mountain TARC 2011 is off to a roaring start. Photos, news, and videos. To play videos you must have Quicktime 7. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.

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