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TARC Attax. An article about setting up a TARC team to take advantage of tax laws. This article should be read by every team. Click on the link and it's the first item in the list of articles.

Check out our most recent publicity article, with sponsor links prominently promoted.


Before we joined together into one team, we had two. Here are the first few flights of each team:
Team Stargate:
7 test launches with two rockets.Videos page.
One TARC rocket, 6 flights.Videos page.

sg1 launch   kc       14     15   jacob   16       17                
Still photos of the two teams launching at the 11/22 COSROCS launch.   Still photos of the team after they joined together into one team at the 12/13 COSROCS launch.     14th launch 12/13 COSROCS. 2.1mb     15th launch 12/13 COSROCS. 705k   More still photos from the 12/13 team launch by the Manns.   16th flight on 1/17 in Pueblo. An all-new rocket, but it turned out to be too weighty. 1.8mb   17th flight on 1/17 in Pueblo. No altimeter reading. 2mb              
erica   jacob   24   25   26       27   28   29  
1/17 Photo album. Two TARC flights, plus we get to fly the Semroc Aero Dart to exactly 750 feet.  

We did 6 test flights on 1/31 at Fox Meadow Middle School and perfected our altitude, ballast, and parachute sizes, but didn't shoot any video of those flights. Classified. 2/7 album of 3 photos from Pueblo test flights.

Flight 24, delay on an optional motor choice is too short. 2/7/09 1.3mb


  Flight 25, just to confirm short delay. 2/7/09 1.3mb   Flight 26. 2/21/09 1.2mb         Flight 27. 2/21/09 1.1mb     Flight 28. 2/21/09 2.1mb   Flight 29. Aliens come down and take our rocket. Honest. 2/21/09 2.1mb    
      cold     2/21 Still photoss. It's cold, but we get 4 flights off.   level     3/21 We do our first official qualification attempt on a perfect day. Still photo album.        
30 31 32 33   34 35 36            
Flght 30 in Pueblo on 3/21. 2.1mb Flght 31 in Pueblo on 3/21. 1.7mb Flght 32 in Pueblo on 3/21. 1.9mb Flght 33 in Pueblo on 3/21. Our first oficial qualification attempt. A huge improvement over last year's first attempt. 1.8mb   Flght 34 at Fox on 3/24. 1.1mb   Flght 35 at Fox on 3/24. 1.1mb   Flght 36 at Fox on 3/24. 1.1mb

Flight 37 at Fox on 3/28.

Flight 38 at Fox on 3/28.

Flight 39 at Fox on 3/28.

Flight 40 at Fox on 3/28.


Flight 41, our second qualification attempt is a thing of beauty. Fox Meadow Middle School on 3/28/09. 2.3mb

Our score is 12.2, which propels us directly into finals.


At this point, we have to build two new rockets to fly at Finals, because we fly at 6300 feet and finals is at 300 feet.
Post-qualify test flights:
42 (4/26) at Fox Meadow
43,44,45 no video

46 at Fox Meadow (5/3)
47 at Fox Meadow (5/13)
48 at Fox Meadow (5/13)

  testing day     <— Day before finals, May 15, we do test flights at near sea level to dial in our altitude: flight 49, flight 50, flight 51, flight 52, flight 53 and flight 54 were flown with near zero wind. Our most precise altitude was 744 feet (750 was the goal). That flight was 2 seconds too long, which would have given us a score of 10 if we had been able to replicate it the next day, easily getting us into the second round. However, our last flight of the day forced us to rethink our ballast: flight 55. After hitting an altitude that was significantly lower, listening to the clearly windier conditions in the audio, and seeing fight 55 veer sharply into the wind, we made the fateful decision to create a chart adjusting our ballast for a range of expected wind conditions the following day. If we had ignored the wind and flown with no compensation, we would have done a lot better.
finals     Here is our final flight of the season. We removed a 12 grams of ballast to compensate for wind. Unfortunately, our rocket did not nose into the wind, scrubbing off altitude as it did the previous day. It flew straight up, past our hoped-for mark of 750 and all the way to 791, placing us midpack at 51st place. Not embarassing, but not good enough for any of our teammates.           k   5/15 Photo album of our sea-level day of testing before finals.        

Cheyenne Mountain TARC 2009 is off to a roaring start. Photos, news, and videos. To play videos you must have Quicktime 7 with H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.

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