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TARC Attax. An article about setting up a TARC team to take advantage of tax laws. This article should be read by every team. Click on the link and it's the first item in the list of articles.

Check out our most recent publicity article, with sponsor links prominently promoted.


knj   max     lost fincan   2   tyler   3                            
Still photos of the team beginning the year with a build session for our Aerotech Barracuda. This helps improve understanding for newer students of materials and designs for mid-power rockets. 10/18 Still photos of the team building and flying their design in Rocksim, also posed team photos. Still photos of our team at the 12/12/09 COSROCS Holiday Extravaganza prepping and launching our first and second flights. It was fairly cold, but we learned some valuable lessons about the technical challenges of this year's TARC competition. 12/12 Flight 2. We got some major spin combined with offset weight. 12/19 Still photos. We had a good day in Pueblo, but only got off two flights. 12/19 Flight 3    

12/19 Flight 4

      12/22 Still shots of our team prepping.          
5   6       7   8   9     10         11                        
Flight 5, 12/22 at Fox Meadow. Streamer test.   Flight 6, 12/22 at Fox Meadow. Streamer test.       Flight 7, 12/22 at Fox Meadow. Streamer test.   Flight 8, 12/22 at Fox Meadow. Streamer test.   Flight 9, 12/22 at Fox Meadow. Streamer test.     Flight 10, 1/2/10 at Pueblo. Too high.   Flight 11, 1/2/10 at Pueblo. 848 feet, but streamer didn't open.                        
12     rightstuff       ty   11   12   jacob   13                                  
Flight 15, 2/6 at Pueblo. Flight number on video is incorrect.
Flight 12, 1/2/10 at Pueblo. Too high again. Still photos from the 1/2/10 launch at Pueblo. Still photos from the 1/10/10 launch at Fox. Flight 13, 1/10/10 at Fox. Testing a different motor, and a new body tube size. Flight number on video is incorrect. Flight 14, 1/10/10 at Fox. Testing another different motor. Flight number on video is incorrect. Still photos from the 2/6/10 flight at Pueblo.    
16   loading   17   18   19   20     loading pad     21   22   23  
Flight 16, 2/13 in Peyton. High wind, low altitude, high duration.   Still photos of the team prepping and flying the rocket, with a photo of a presentation to a potential sponsor.   Flight 17, good altitude but shroud line tangle.   Flight 18, weight off center resulted in corkscrew, low altitude. Streamer stretched out straight. Treed the fincan.   Flight 19, high, streamer still not working.   Flight 20, weak motor, streamer tore in two. Fincan landed on asphalt, breaking a fin.       2/15 still photo album.     Flight 21. Streamer comes off, egg bay falls but no damage.     Flight 22. A little short, another torn streamer.     Flight 23. Close altitude, close time, but the rocket will still be in the tree next year.    
tyler     24   25   26 27   35  

4/3/10 Pueblo. Our last chance to qualify. We had to leave Colorado Springs at 5:20 to see sunrise at 6:30 at Hudson Ranch. The forecast called for severe wind beginning at 10 or 11 a.m. so we had to hit it hard and early.
Click on image at left, flight 35, HD video at full 1280 pixels.
Flight 36.
Flight 37.
Flight 38.
Flight 39.
Still shots photo album.

2/24 still photos.   3/1, last day for early qualifying. Flight 24 had a wimpy motor. 3/1 flight 25. Normal motor results in too-high flight. We pack it in because we can't get the right streamer material. 3/13 flight 26. Streamer melted, too-high flight with new fincan.

3/21 Flght 27.
3/21 Flght 28.
3/21 Flght 29.
3/21 Flght 30.
3/21 Flght 31.
3/21 Flght 32.
3/21 Flght 33.
3/21 Flght 34.


Cheyenne Mountain TARC 2010 is off to a roaring start. Photos, news, and videos. To play videos you must have Quicktime 7 with H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.

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