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TARC Attax. An article about setting up a TARC team to take advantage of tax laws. This article should be read by every team. Click on the link and it's the first item in the list of articles.

Check out our most recent publicity article, with sponsor links prominently promoted.

This page is for The Vanguard School/Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy TARC team Robert.
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Our first flight of the year. We had a CATO of a single-use motor (one second delay that was supposed to be a six second delay). Hope that's the last of that. Team Robert gives back, pays forward. We staff the tables for COSROCS at the Cool Science Carnival. 10/11/14  

Several nice photos and a team photo. Video of our second launch (we need more fin)


Some photos from the 1/24/15 launch, with a fantastically successful flight of 801.


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3/27 Very cool video with two aux motors firing to bring our rocket up to the proper altitude, filling in for a sub-optimal main. 3/28 Qualification flight one. 804 feet, with aux motors again filling in for the sub-optimal motor.          




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