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Click here to download PDF instructions (272k) for Little Joe 6, a flying scale model that's free and printable on your desktop inkjet printer. Requires card stock or Bristol paper and foamcore and is for the person who desires to do serious modelling. male vocal female vocal

The massive Saturn-Komorov is the largest free flying paper rocket in the known universe (printable on a desktop printer). It towers 47.5 inches tall and is 3.8 inches wide. Video of an F23-5 flight here.

Download the instructions and wickedly satirical "back story" (forward story?) here. 1.5mb

Construction file 1. 118kb

Construction file 2. 117kb

Construction file 3. 2.1mb

Construction file 4. 301kb

Construction file 5. 145kb

Construction file 6. 315kb

  mom n child  
Diversity forum? No, a TEA party event at Acacia Park in Colorado Springs on Tax Day, 2010. Photo album of people protesting taxation without representation. A 2-hour event, somewhere between 2 and 3 thousand people attended.   Pan of the TEA party crowd during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Large HD file, takes awhile to upload.   OK, we sang it twice. So sue us, we like it. Large HD file, takes awhile to upload.  

Here are the PDF files you print, then cut out, then build the Little Joe.

little joe paper shrouds.pdf
little joe foil wrap.pdf
little joe paper body.pdf
non-foil option.pdf

Brandango assumes no responsibility or liability for injury or damage caused during the use of these plans.            
Important note: Adobe’s Acrobat Reader could not be made to print these models the corrrect size (it printed too small, even though it was set to print at 100%). Setting Acrobat to print at a higher percentage didn’t help. Apple’s Preview, on the other hand, worked perfect every time. If you’re working on a PC, we recommend rasterizing the PDF files into Photoshop or similar to better control the final printed size. Test print the "little joe foil wrap" on plain copy paper to get the size right before trying the more expensive foils and papers. The correct width of the foil wrap body panel is 8.125 inches. 2/18/07   Subaru Outback            

2007 Subaru Outback for sale. Full features and description . $8k firm. Click "contact" button at left.

Must have Quicktime 7 with H.264 codec.      
mass still   6/26/07 Oracle flight at the COSROCS/La Plata Investments Grand Lawn "Thunderous Groundbreaking". The Oracle was flown out of the middle of ~280 rockets that were launched with a single button. ~350 people attended the event. 1.9mb   oracle   Two-stage Oracle video from 6/17/06. D12-0/D12-7, temperature 83 degrees, wind 3 mph. CRASH at Bear Creek Lake Park. Quicktime 3.1 mb. Here's an animated sequence of the 9/27/15 lunar eclipse. It consists of still photos taken every 30 seconds for 3 hours and 20 minutes. I had to use a wide angle lens (28mm equivalent) to capture the full range of motion, and the range between the brightness of the full moon and the low light of the eclipse covered one hundred and twenty f-stops, so I had to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to cover the full dynamic range. Shortly after the animation starts, there's a jump because a kid kicked the tripod.        
corvette     silhouette                

Hot Wheels Redlines Sold
36 Ford Coupe
McLaren M6A
Ford MkIV

Rockets for sale:
Estes Semi-Scale Saturn V
Estes Crusader Swing-Wing Glider

Estes Super Vega kit
Estes Thor-Agena B
MPC Microsonde III
MPC Vostok

First Hot Wheels car, a red 1968 Corvette. Received for Christmas in a set with curves and straight pieces. This was always one of my fastest cars. Photo of actual car. Well loved. In the same set, there was an antifreeze Silhouette. The wheels eventually broke, and Mattel replaced it for free with this blue-green car, which is in gorgeous condition.

Colorado Springs Rocket Society holds many oddball records, like the most documented rockets in a mass launch and the highest launch and recovery (from Pikes Peak). Check the schedule for upcoming launches.

Essence Model Rocket Reviews has an incredible amount of information, tips, thousands of kit reviews and contests.